Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ah Loy Thai: Tom Yum First, Then Ice Cream!

Despite having made countless trips to the awesome Tom's Palette opposite and hearing much about its affordability and authenticity, I have never stepped into Ah Loy Thai all these years. And so we finally decided to give it a go one weekday evening!

Recently expanded and renovated, Ah Loy Thai has been serving fuss-free, nett-pricing Thai fare for a really long time. The queue can be notorious even on weekdays so we were lucky to arrive early and had the liberty to choose our table!

Apologies for the blurry shots, was terribly hungry!

Fresh Lemon Tea ($1.00)

The Thais have their own rendition of milk tea and lemon tea which are distinctively different from the Hong Kongers' version and admittedly, I'm more inclined towards the latter. Nonetheless, a good cold drink to extinguish flames from the fiery tom yums!

Crispy Mango Chicken ($7.50), Fried Kangkong ($4.50)

Delicious stuff! Deep-fried chicken with real crisp skin, sweet mango slices and drizzled with a bit of sweet chilli sauce. Give me a bowl of rice and I will be satisfied to have just a meal of this!

Our stir-fried greens seemed to be put together rather haphazardly, while the spice level was something even I would find lacking.

Seafood Tom Yum ($7.90), Fried Glass Noodles ($6.50)

Now this was seriously value for money; One huge claypot of soup with plenty of sliced fish, prawns and straw mushroom, many refills for the two of us! The spiciness was a far cry from the kangkong too. Fiery red and chokeful of diced chilli, it got me sweating and tearing in double quick time. Luckily, it wasn't only a one dimensional flavour as I rather enjoyed the sweet aftertaste.

While very generous with the prawns, the chewy noodles was just alright as I thought it could absorb more flavours.

Bill for two was $28.00 with no additional taxes. Although there wasn't much to fault, I don't see any compelling reason to queue up ages for their food. Furthermore, kitchen service was a tad slow as we were almost halfway through each dish before the next one came. Then again, with its wallet-friendly pricing, Ah Loy Thai will be an affordable fix before heading for my favourite Apple Pie Ice Cream five steps away!

Ah Loy Thai
100 Beach Road
#01-39/40 Shaw Tower
Tel: 9165 1543

Taken with Nikon D70


Amasou Umasou said...

Agree with you that their kitchen is slow. that's why nowadays I usually go to purvis street instead for my thai fix

ice said...

Eeeps. I'm not liking Thai ice lemon tea one bit. I've tried Ah Loy Thai's before & *gasp* eww... haha.

stargirl said...

haha i haven't visited ah loy thai before. might try the crispy mango chicken sometime since i'm not big on spicy stuff (:

Daniel said...

Gavin: Mmm.. Heard much about First Thai. Really should pop by soon!

ice: haha! HK-styled lemon tea for you too eh?

Jer Lin: So says the girl who won the chilli chocolate ice cream contest.. Twice! =D